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Social vs. Financial Abundance

(Written a few weeks ago. Some things already changed, but I think it’s still worthwhile sharing.) I feel very abundant socially. Even though I don’t have my ideal situation – for example, by far not as much sex as I’d like, and not exactly the flavor I want – it’s completely self-evident to me that […]

Prayer #3

At the beginning of this year I did a visioning workshop at the New Year’s Youth Retreat. One of the main tasks was to find your “word of the year”, something that describes a quality you’d like to cultivate in the new year. Mine was, not surprisingly, SURRENDER. I’ve been thinking of that intention I […]

Sustainability & Moneyless Living

Something I haven’t written much about on the blog yet even though it’s a topic very dear to my heart is sustainable living. I’m very aware of how the mainstream lifestyle (at least in my culture) has a huge negative impact on the planet. And while I do consciously avoid certain activities (like eating animal […]

Retreats im Herbst (auf Deutsch)

UPDATE: These retreats have been cancelled! Diese Retreats finden leider doch nicht statt!   This article is about my upcoming retreats this autumn. They will be held in German which is why I’m switching languages for this blog post… Mein allererster Blogpost auf Deutsch! Mit dem ich meine allerersten Retreats auf Deutsch ankündige! Ich bin […]

Hardcore Devotion

It’s been over three years since I first experienced the gift of surrender. That turning point in my life when I connected with God’s presence and realized that I’m always safe, I’m always held, and I don’t need to do it all alone. God is with me. Guidance is available in every single moment. One […]

My Deepest Longing

With every inhale I breathe in God. With every exhale I surrender to God. I’m filled to the brim with gratitude – for the sunshine, for the rain, for being alive. I can feel God’s presence in every single moment. His ungraspable love, His unknowable wisdom, his limitless Grace. I am a Priestess. A servant […]

FREE Surrender Sessions available!

Following a wave of inspiration, I’ve decided to offer individual coaching sessions (and not just group workshops and retreats) called Surrender Sessions. They are meant to provide a safe space for you to be with whatever’s going on in your life right now, shine the light of awareness on whatever’s holding you back, and help […]

Thank you, June!

Thank you, June… For your warmth and sunshine on my skin. For every single random hug at my community. For all the mindblowing sex 🙂 For Bhakti Yoga Summer with all the singing and dancing and… … for reminding me how freaking awesome Kundalini yoga makes me feel. For sound night with Jaruna & Yiannakar. […]

“Let Go & Let God” Meetup #1

The video says it all. If you live in or near Munich, please join my new Meetup group NOW! It’s called “Let Go & Let God” and the message is so. very. dear to my heart. Our first evening is on Thursday, June 2nd and we’ll explore questions like: What does it really mean to […]

Upcoming Seminar in Maastricht!

The poster says it all: I’m coming to Maastricht to give a 3-day seminar called: Presence & the Art of Self-Care Watch this short video to get a feel for what the seminar is about: If you feel like spending three days exploring and practicing mindfulness, and connecting with like-minded young people, go ahead and […]